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Welcome to our e-commerce multi-vendor marketplace, packed with sellers, SKUs, and customers. Increase the traffic to your website platform, with no limit on your potential. Add as many seller and products to your storefront, using our services today.

Online Marketplace - Multi Vendor Marketplace

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a complete online shopping mall marketplace with multiple sellers. Using this extension, the suppliers/sellers can manage the product listings, inventory, orders, shipment, seller profile page, collection page, and much more. Suppliers/sellers can add multiple types of products - simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable. Plus, Our Multi Vendor Marketplace system has many  Marketplace Add-Ons, Shipping, and Payment integrations including FedEx, USPS, DHL, PayPal, Stripe, Mangopay, Aramex, and more.

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What is a Multi Vendor Marketplace?

Our marketplace is a platform that connects buyers and sellers in one singular location. Traditional e-commerce stores have shop owners and customers, but no area for them to meet. But in an Online Marketplace, there are a couple of other entities :

  • Marketplace Owner
  • Vendors/Suppliers ( in case of B2B )
  • Customers
  • Logistics and Warehouse manager (In case of Big marketplaces)
  • Shipping Provider
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Online Marketplace - Multi Vendor Marketplace

How Can I Create an Online Marketplace?

We’re glad you asked! In fact, building an e-commerce marketplace is easier than you might think. Thanks to open-source and free eCommerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon, building your online store is easier than ever before. Create a selling game-plan that helps you secure ongoing relationships with retails and suppliers. Improve your customer service and provide a seamless buying experience from anywhere in the world.

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What We Can Do for You

Our multi-vendor marketplace extension will convert your default Magento store into a multi-seller eCommerce platform like eBay, Silkfred, Amazon, Alibaba, and more. Using our functionality, vendors can:

  • Sign up
  • Create storefronts
  • View dashboards
  • Add products
  • Manage orders
  • Create invoices
  • Manage shipments

Allow your customers to shop from a huge collection of products, sold by different vendors in one place.

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Online Multivendor marketplace
- Online Multivendor Marketplace